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Would you cook this? Would you eat it?


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Does this earn a special WTM badge? A "Would you eat this?" thread? :tongue_smilie:


Cleaning out the fridge, I just found 2 shrink-wrapped packs of organic chicken breast. The use-by date is today, May 6. Six chicken breasts - aack!


I am a fairly new carnivore, so my meat know-how is lacking.



Obviously, we're not going to eat them today, but I could cook them? And eat them tomorrow and/or the next day?


We are waiting on a new oven to be delivered, so I can't bake them and get them in the fridge before bed. But I can use the stovetop, crockpot or microwave.


What can I do with them?



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Thanks, Bill. I think freezing them is a great idea. I forgot that's an option. And it means I can go to bed instead of cooking tonight! Yay!



I would re-wrap them for freezing after you give them a "smell test." If they smell pure and clean proceed. If they smell "off" dispose of them.



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I would bake them. Put them in a 350 degree oven. Bake until you can smell chicken! You can use a thermometer to judge when they are perfectly done or just slice through, make sure the meat is opaque and the juice runs clear. There is no work to baking other than seasoning--if you want to. Plain is good, too.

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Oops, I checked this after putting them in the freezer, Bill, but will go do the smell check now. Good idea.


Laurie, you make it sound so easy! ... I'd normally take your thoughts and bake them - but our oven is kaput. New one doesn't arrive till next week! Figures. :)

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