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Anyone used geometer's Sketchpad with Jacobs Geomtery?

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Well, I've heard great things about it from the http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LivingMathForum/ yahoo group. You could go there and search the archives. But.....it just didn't click with my eighth grade son last year. We couldn't get very far following the directions in the 3rd edition of Jacob's geometry TE and just found it frustrating. But if you are will just to play with it perhaps you'll discover the great things others have...but just not us!



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We bought it and used it with the third edition of Jacob's Geometry, for awhile. BUT, ds found it repetitive and, frankly, boring. It has the capability of doing more advanced work, even through calculus but the exercises in the Jacobs' TM for it for not terribly challenging mathematically. It could help one with constructions if they preferred doing them on the computer. I wouldn't suggest buying it, myself.



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Has anyone used the Geometer's Sketchpad with Jacobs Geometry, 3rd edition (or 2nd for that matter)? If so, did you find it valuable? Was it work the cost? I'd love some input.





Hi, Darlene--


We used Geometer's Sketchpad with two children with UCSMP Geometry, which had exercises requiring the use of the software (although those exercises could have easily been skipped). The third child used the 2nd edition of Jacob's, and didn't use or need the software at all.


Just our experience!

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