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Little learning German in preschool next year - should I try to keep up?

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Hi folks,


My DD3.75 is starting a new Montessori preschool next fall where the foreign language they study is German. I've been doing Spanish (and some French) with her for years, so I was disappointed that it's not a more widely spoken language. I've recently started working full-time, and find I don't have nearly as much time to work with her on languages as I used to. That said, I was thinking about investing in a few early German books or other resources so that the 2 of us can play around with German a bit this summer.


I know NO German, however I love learning languages. That said, German hasn't had much appeal to me in the past.


Should I just let it be a school thing and relax about having resources in the home? (not really my style, as I like to support her at home). If I had to pick one thing that she excels at, I would say she is especially gifted in linguistics (spoke early, huge vocabulary given her age, prompts me to translate words into Spanish & French for her). Because of this, I like to encourage a love of languages and cultures.


Can anyone recommend German resources for a little kid & a mama just starting out? My DD is already reading early readers in English and can sound out some things in Spanish. I liked seeing comments on this board that German is very phonetic. I read the recent post looking for resources for an older child, and the preschool book looked good, except I don't know the pronunciations yet! :)


Thanks in advance!

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My kids german saturday school has a preschool class. They do songs, daily used sentences and common vocabulary at that age. The school has a library too where kids can borrow the readers.


This page is good for learning to say simple german words



Some songs they learn:

ABC song

Seasons song

Stille Nacht (Silent Night)

Kling Glockchen (Ring Little Bell)

Lanterne, Lanterne (St Martins Day)

Alle Leute

Alle Vogel Sind Schon Da


I like this page for the german lessons and pronunciation. Dry for kids but okay for adults




German flashcards for kids (free)

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This Christmas book/CD combo is very nice:


http://www.amazon.co...io cd christmas


Rod and Staff (Christian homeschool publisher) offers German language books for children. They are Christian-based.


I do have to say, respectfully, that at this young age, it might be better for your daughter to just learn the little lessons they teach in her preschool and not worry about learning more at home. It could easily confuse her to learn something from you and then learn a slightly different version at school. She has plenty of time to pursue German later if she finds she enjoys it. Sometimes "less is more."

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Thanks for the replies. My daughter doesn't get confused by different styles too much. She brings up differences in discussion or simply self-corrects given the audience. For instance she speaks with a Southern accent around certain folks (including my mom) and uses better diction with me and others. Funny how effortlessly she connects with different folks. Her middle name is Wren but it should have been Parrot or Mockingbird. :)


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