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Your favorite girl tween parenting books

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It's started. The eye-rolling, the sarcasm, the silent treatment. I need to read up on raising a tween girl (11-12 yo), to be the nice person she was a few weeks ago.


What books have you read that you liked?


(Sometimes I think I don't have her in middle school not to protect her from the mean girls...but to protect the rest of the girls from *her*! (Just kidding...sort of.)



PS, should I cross-post this to the Logic Stages board, or is it most appropriate on this forum?

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Following this!


Currently I am reading:


"Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl" by Dannah Gresh


"Moms Ultimate Guide to the Tween Girl World" by Nancy Rue


and I just ordered:


"Girl Politics, Updated Edition: Friends, Cliques, and Really Mean Girls" by Nancy Rue


I've found books by Dannah Gresh, Nancy Rue, and Vicki Courtney to be practical and helpful.

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I've read "6 Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl" and found it fantastic. Couple it with "8 Great Dates for Mom and Daugther" by the same author. We recently went to a live "conference" for tween girls promoted by the author. It was a lovely evening out together.


These books come from a Christian perspective. The research and thoughts in "6 Ways" apply whether you come from the same perspective or not. I don't think you'd enjoy 8 Great Dates if you don't find the Christian viewpoint helpful.


My daughter is only 9 and she's always struggled with volatile emotions. I'm terrified of the years to come. Books like these make me think we might survive.

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