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8th grade science

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I'm just getting back to reading WTM forums so I may have missed a thread about 8th grade science.


I am trying to sort out what to do for 8th grade science for my oldest.


I basically need to know if Physical Science is now the typical course for 8th graders planning to go to college. (in GA if that makes a difference..this child says she wants to attend UGA, but we that of course may change in time). She will most likely not major in anything related to science or math.

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It depends upon the area...I know our area (VA) has Earth/Space as the "standard" freshman science course, they usually take Life Science (like a light biology course) in 8th..., but it can vary. I don't usually count Physical Science as a high school science, mainly because it is a little Physics, Chemistry and Earth Space all mixed up. You don't get very deep in any one area. Depending upon your daughter's math level (assuming she's taking Algebra 1 in 8th), I would have her do: Physical - 8th, Biology in 10th (just to break it up a bit), Chemistry, then Physics.


Another option would be to have her take Biology in 8th, Conceptual Physics in 9th, Chemistry in 10th and Advanced Biology or Environmental Science in 11th. The main thing is those two lab sciences for college.

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