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Baby Gender Reveal + Baby Gear Questions


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We will be welcoming boy # 3 in October! We will have to get mostly new things as we got rid of most of our baby things after ds2. We still have a high chair, stroller, and I think we still have a playpen. Other than that, we are starting over! Since it has been about 7 years since I have shopped for baby things, I have a few questions for those of you who have done this more recently.


1. Crib bumpers - yes or no? I used them with both of the other boys, but I am hearing that they are not recommended. Do you still use them, or not?


2. I need a recommendation for a good activity bouncer/swing - something for the baby to be in while the big boys are doing school in the mornings, so he can be close to us but occupied.


3. Any other must-have for homeschooling with a newborn/baby? I have a Moby wrap on my list.


4. Any name recommendations? We like Biblical or classic names for boys.


Thanks for your help!

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When I had a crib I used one of those mesh, breathable crib bumpers. (Turned out to be unnecessary since we ended up co-sleeping.). Like these, it appears they come in patterns now.




An Ergo baby carrier is a must, (seriously, you need one!) but you can't use it until about four months old unless you get an infant insert. Reviews are mixed on whether people like the insert, I haven't tried it before but am planning to try it with this baby. I love a ring sling for my newborns.

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I used a sling in the beginning, switched to an Ergo, but wish I would have researched options more. With a 3yo, the Ergo just doesn't measure up - and around here it's more necessary than a stroller (Europe isn't all handicap accessible).

http://theportablebaby.com/carrierfeatures.html - a list of most of the major baby carriers and pros/cons


Most of our baby gear was ultra-portable and storable, and I'm not sure that's what you're looking for. BUT, the top of my list for must have include:

-muslin blankets (bambino land, aidan & anais..)

-an amber teething necklace

-a bucket bathtub (warm and cozy, easy to empty and store)

-Sophie the Giraffe

-an infant car seat.


I know, I know...you technically *could* go straight to a convertible. But you need to research that choice well, since most convertibles don't have harness straps that go close enough and low enough for a newborn. There are a few that do, and companies are getting better about making sure the proper recline is there. I went for the infant seat because I wanted one that I knew was made for "preemies", which meant it would fit a newb. Even the Snugride I tried didn't meet my standards. But whatever you choose, try to find a CPST to go over it with you so you know the ins and outs.

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