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A Sunday Chat

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Hello, Everyone!


Have you ever totally forgotten something that people were depending on you for? I did that this morning with communion. I was so busy remembering that it is Cinco de Mayo that I totally forgot anything else! Oh well. Fortunately the pastor (my dh) was very forgiving and we'll do it next week.


I'll be very predictable and tell you to bring your favorite Mexican food to our virtual party. Mine will be black bean burritos.


Today's totally random question. What is your favorite swimming stroke?

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Hi, Jean! I'm glad your dh was understanding! I can't think of a specific instance right now, but I KNOW something like that has happened to me!


I will contribute my step-mother's taco salad from the 80s--so yummy!!!! And now that Taco Doritos are available again, I can make it "authentically"!


My favorite swimming stroke is the backstroke. Not that I do it well, but I think it's cool!


On a side note, we're driving down I-57 in Illinois headed for home. So glad to have this distraction!

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I forget lots of things. I'm so thankful for alarms on my calendar. I don't know what I would do without them. Recently I did forget to fill out and mail some paperwork for a reimbursement. It's past the deadline now so I can't get the money. It wasn't for a ton of money, but I still felt really bad when I realized what happened.


Does sangria count as Mexican fare? I could really use some tonight.


My favorite swim stroke to do is the breaststroke. My favorite one to watch others do (because i cant do it well myself) is the butterfly.

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Hi again. My favorite swim stroke is the breast stroke.


I just got back from therapeutic movement. A former governor was in our class. I had my stinky feet in his face! I was very self conscious about that.




My favorite swim stroke is also the breast stroke.


I will contribute the Mango Salsa I made this evening that is still sitting in the fridge, along with the Corn Salsa I will make later this week after I get some black beans.


I still beat myself up for promising to drive a friend to a meeting we both wanted to attend, and then forgetting all about it and falling asleep. It happened about 8 years ago when I was pregnant with dd.


I wear quite a few volunteer hats in which I have many responsibilities where others depend on me. I try very hard to be a reliable person, so I'm good about following through when others are depending on me about 99% of the time. Can I applaud myself for working so hard for others? No, I have to beat myself up for the 1% when I make a human error. What's wrong with that? :tongue_smilie:

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