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my vanilla is too weak


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I made vanilla aroound the holidays. So, it is about 5 -6 months old now. And it is still very light and not a "developed" in flavor. This has never happened before. Usually after 3-4 months, it is beginning to take on a nice amber color and the taste is nice. Dd just needed to add 3 tsp. to an icing recipe that calls for 1 because the flavor was too light.




I have added more vanilla beans by the way.

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How many beans and what grade of vodka did you use?


Did you split the beans before adding-- and were the beans fresh (soft)?


I personally prefer my vanilla to set about 1 year...



I can't remember the grade of vodka. Yes, I did split the beans. I cut the beans in 3rds (they were really long), and then sliced them length wise. They were not overly soft but nor were they stiff.


I did purchase more beans and added that to the vanilla.

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