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Granite topped kitchen table?


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I am thinking of getting a kitchen table with a granite top (online says granite, at store said marble?)


Assuming its granite-


Do I need to use placemats when just using regular plates, cups (nothing hot)?

Is it easy enough to clean?

Can we do school at the table without worrying about damaging it?


Anything else I need to know?



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depending upon the type of granite (darker colors are more dense) - it's a piece of cake to clean. and you don't need trivits for hot items. marble is more porous and will absorb spills. you can avoid that by sealing it every year.


placemates are up to you. you might prefer the noise damping effect of placemats vs clunking things down on what is a slab of rock.


you can do just about anything on it, consider it akin to what is used as a surface in a science lab.

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One thing to note, they are heavy, darn heavy. My parents have one, probably about 5-6ft by 3-4ft. They had planned on giving it to us, but even with 3 able bodied people we didn't feel confident carrying it without breaking some toes.The top just sits on the frame, so it was just the slab. Carrying it straight out might not be a problem, it was the turning and holding it sideways. We opted to not take it because our doorways are even more narrow.


That might not be an issue, but it's not something you want to move around a lot.

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