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Kerbal Space Program

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Ds bought this game just over a month ago. It's still in alpha, but he's having great fun with it. You build things and launch them into space. I've only briefly watched him play, but you have to use real thinking skills and if you do it wrong, your rocket doesn't make it.


Ds has been keeping a log of his "missions" and is now interested in rocketry.


The development of it reminds me of Minecraft (which ds has had since alpha too).


You can find more info here. Does anyone else's kids play this yet?

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Yes, Ds15 (who also loves MInecraft) loves this game too. Your son sounds a lot like mine, EL. (This isn't the first time I've thought that!)


I think so too. I keep wondering if someday ds will run into some hive kids and make this great discovery that their mothers have known each other for years.


DS8 is very, very into it. From the little I have seen, lots of applied physics lessons in it.


Ds has surprised me with how truly scientific he is being about this whole thing. We had a great discussion about how the troubleshooting skills on a game like this could play a role in future scientific literacy. In ten or twenty years some of these kids could work with real space programs and already know what scenarios may or may not work. I mean how many kids became scientists because they watched Star Trek growing up. It's nice to find a game with real life application.

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