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Grammar and HOD ?


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I'm looking to use HOD CTC in the fall. I love her writing choices and I know she recommends R&S. But this year we are using ILL (We are doing MFW and their choices for grammar and writing). Will my kids be able to do HOD writing choices not doing the heavier grammar and only doing ILL? I don't want to supplement.

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I haven't used CtC, but when we switched from MFW to HOD I had to drop PLL for R&S because it was too much overlap. There is already poetry, dictation, narration, etc. in the HOD guide so for us doing PLL was overkill. We switched to R&S. Does that answer part of your question?


I agree. PLL or ILL would be duplication with HOD. And since HOD schedules a separate writing program at this level as well, you really only need something that's "just grammar".


If you really like ILL, though, another option is to keep using it, but then pick and choose from the various assignments (poetry, etc.) in HOD to avoid duplication.

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