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Same history for high school and 8th grade?

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I was just wondering how I might be able to use my upcoming 9th graders required history for my 8th grader? I also have a 6th grader, but I might just have to do her separately. I've always combined our history, but don't know how to do it when Ds14 needs enough work in the subject to get a credit for it. Should he do separately and I combine the 6th and 8th, and let ds14 do his own thing? Or is there a curriculum that I can teach across the ages with a 9th grader as well?

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You could easily use basically the same input for all, but differentiate by requiring more advanced output from your high school student: more formal writing assignments that require a higher level of analysis or more sources. You could also add some more advanced reading for your high schooler to the material that is suitable for all your kids.

For history it is very easy to adjust level by small tweaks.

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