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Need help placing in HOD based on this writing piece


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I am considering placing a ds in HOD and would love some feedback as to where he would place based SOLELY on his writing ability.


Here is a short summary he wrote of Constantine:




One day, Constantine saw a vision. He saw a flaming cross in the sky, and a voice said, "By this sign go to battle." And he went to battle and won, becoming, "Constantine, Emperor of the western Roman empire." As emperor, Constantine made Christianity legal, ending persecutions. He built many beautiful churches, and later took control of the Eastern Roman Empire.

Constantine made bishops for the church, but he made the bishops very rich. Over time, many of those bishops became very corrupted. Constantine gathered three hundred bishops. After a month of debating, the Nicean Creed was made. It stated the Christian doctrine. Constantine died a Christian,





He wrote this fairly quickly.




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