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Why Before How: Singapore Math Computation Strategies

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So, I picked it up from the library today. It's concise and has an excellent layout with judicious use of white space. Small sample here: http://www.crystalsp...ow-1-6-csb.html


See the TOC at the sample - it appears to cover basic arithmetic and includes ways to extend the same ideas to higher concepts (e.g. operations with fractions) though those are brief.


Eta, I would expect that the HIGs would go into much greater detail (I've never seen one), though it might be useful to have so many brief explanations in one place as in this book.

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I don't recall seeing that model of multiplication anywhere in the HiG. We used Standards edition.

The HiG gives an overview of each chapter with some additional information for the teacher (some of the whys and goals), then has suggestions for how to introduce the lessons, answers to the text problems (with some additional explanation and additional problems to use), answers to workbook problems.


I never got around to reading Liping Ma's Knowing and Teaching Mathematics, but I think I'd recommend reading it and using the HiG. This book looks more like techniques and less about conceptual understanding.

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