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MUS songs cd?

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We liked them too. The CD has bible-themed skip counting songs from 2 to 9, a making tens addition song, and secular themed skip counting songs from 2 to 9. The production is very simple - piano and a very small group of children singing. We listened to it in the car on short drives, and it taught my then second grader how to skip count up to 10. This has been very helpful for her when she learned muliplication this year.

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They did the trick for us. My 8 year old absolutely flew through memorization of the multiplication tables, thanks in large part to many months (years?) of MUS Skip Counting songs. We're beginning CC this fall, so I'm sure we'll have a little trouble singing their skip counting songs after having MUS's songs ingrained on our brains!

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We liked them, but haven't used any other skip counting songs to compare them with. I think I bought it used, and then re-sold it when we were done with it, so I didn't make a huge investment in it. ;)


I'd definitely recommend SOME kind of skip counting songs, because they really help those math facts "stick" better than just rote memorization.

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