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Course Description for Teaching Textbook Geometry

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My ds isn't doing Geometry yet, so I'm no help, but I was thinking that maybe you could contact TT and ask them if they could provide you with a course description. I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time that a homeschooler needed info for a transcript, so they might be able to help you.

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We used Jacobs' Geometry, 2nd edition, when my daughter did Geometry. I'll include the course description I wrote in case you or others might find it helpful. Often when writing course descriptions, I found similar ones on line and then reworked them to suit my needs.



This classical geometry course is heavily dependent on deductive reasoning and the proof writing process and also relies on compass-and-straight-edge constructions. Topics include points, lines, planes; rays and angles; congruent triangles; geometric inequalities, parallel lines; quadrilaterals; transformations; area; similarity; right triangles; circles, concurrence theorems; regular polygons and the circle; geometric solids, non-Euclidean geometry and coordinate geometry.

(Class taken at home in 9th grade.) Awarded 1.00 credits.




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I don't know if you still need this, but this is the course description I did for TT Geometry for the coming year. It was taken in part from Cathy Duffy's review of the product, a class description, and the table of contents in the book itself.



Course Description






Course Title: Geometry

Course Credits: 1.0 credit

Course Curriculum Texts:

· Geometry: A Teaching Textbook by Greg and Shawn Sabouri

(ISBN: 9780974903613)


Course Description: Using a traditional Euclidean approach, this course begins with logic and reasoning before moving on to such themes as definitions, postulates, and theorems. Primary topics include points, lines, angles, triangles, inequalities, quadrilaterals, polygons, basic trigonometry, circles, area, solid geometry, coordinate geometry, and constructions. Practical applications and word problems will aid in understanding how geometry is used in the real world. Mental math and problem solving as required on standardized tests are included. Formal proofs are used throughout.


Course Standards: The student will view daily lectures and be evaluated through the subsequent problem sets and unit tests.


Grading Scale:

A+ = 98 – 100

A = 95 – 97

A- = 93 – 94

B+ = 91 – 92

B = 87 – 90

B- = 85 – 86

C+ = 83 – 84

C – 79 – 82

C- = 77 – 78

D+ = 75 – 76

D = 72 – 74

D- = 70 – 71

F = 0 – 69

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1 hour ago, javamom73 said:

Painlessly teaches high school geometry!

With Teaching Textbooks Geometry 2.0, students watch video lectures on CD-ROM and do problems from the 753-page workbook. When they need help with this geometry homeschool curriculum , you've got a printed Answer Key plus audiovisual step-by-step solutions to every homework and quiz problem.

In Geometry, your students will cover:

  • A Formal Proof Involving Angle Bisectors
  • Drawing a Venn Diagram
  • Writing a Conditional Statement for a Venn Diagram
  • Arranging a Direct Proof
  • Analyzing a Definition
  • Using Betweenness of Points
  • Measuring with a Protractor
  • Working with an Angle Bisect

Zombie thread.

That and I think this exactly what the OP wasn't looking for.

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Honestly though, why do providers not also provide a good description for users once they purchase? This is a major annoyance of mine. I get why the main page is a sales page. But why do the vast majority of providers of curricula and many class providers as well not give a half decent starting point course description? It's mildly infuriating.

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