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My dd is doing CLE for high school....and she loves the program! I was hesitant...and tried a few other programs prior to going back to CLE ( she used it from grades 3-8). She looks forward to the lessons, is retaining the info and we have had some pretty deep ethical conversations.

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I have used CLE Reading for grades 1 - 6 and find it provides a great foundation in literary skills. While the readers tend to be on grade level, the Light Units are challenging. They usually require close reading skills and analysis. While we haven't used the upper levels yet, I bought the 7th, 8th and 9/10th grade books and have had a chance to review them. I think the 7th and 8th grade readers are some of the best in the series. They also include a few selections from classic authors such as Pearl Buck and Tolstoy.


In grades 7 and 8, the reading program is a half year one. You can use the other half of the year to cover grammar and writing or to read longer stories and novels. The selections in the reader are relatively brief, appealing, and wholesome. Only a handful of the selections in these grade levels have any religious content. The light units are very clear and open and go. They do a have a section on a bible verse for each reading but we are secular and just skip this. The light units provide a very good foundation in literary analysis and terminology. You can see the scope and sequence here.


The 9/10th grade book - Perspectives in Life Literature - is quite different. It seems like a real step up from the previous books. The selections are much more mature, philosophical, and religious in tone. There are 5 sections in the book: Short Story, Poetry, Biography, Reflections, and Allegory (The Pilgrim's Progress + a few other selections. The Poetry section is quite extensive.

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