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I was hoping someone who has used BIgger could help me out.


On the HOD website, they have the packages section for Bigger, they list individual books that go with the package and are assigned to the units. In the sample first week I can't seem to work out where these books (which look like historical fiction) fit into the curriculum? There are books like Pedro's Journal, Ben and Me etc...


Thanks in advance!


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Correct. The "EXTENSION PACKAGE FOR OLDER STUDENTS" is used with older students or exceptional readers who are using the program. They are considered optional. We like to use them as summer read alouds, or if we get through a genre quickly during storytime (deluxe package). hth. Feel free to PM me if I can be of any help. We are using and loving Bigger.

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We just started Bigger and I am using some of them that I already have on my shelf. We don't use DITHOR so we have extra time there. I can have my dd read from those books for her reading time, or I can read it aloud to her (like when we will be finished with storytime ahead of schedule). For instance I knew we didn't need 4 weeks to read Phillis Wheatly as it is only 119 pages and has large print with many pics. Padro's Journal is also short. We knocked it out in 6 days. I figured PJ went better while reading about Columbus in history so we read that one first. But the extension package is scheduled in the back of the guide.

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