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Secretly Chortling with glee....

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My public-schooled junior came to his dad and I to ask that we agree to let him homeschool again for his senior year. He had marshaled some great arguments on why this would be a good idea and how it could all work. We considered his request seriously for a bit and then let him know that he had some excellent points and we agreed with him. Which is important with this kid since he is 17 and really has to be on board with the education stuff or we end up battling all the time.


But inside - I am absolutely delighted to have him back home again. And he is excited about studying some topics his senior year that are not offered at his high school. I'm excited too because I really like high school materials and having discussions and reading papers. I missed all that this year when oldest DD headed off to college and I was just doing elementary stuff with the younger.


I know that the reality is that at some point in the year I will be tearing my hair out over this kid and getting him ready to launch, but for right now I am doing my little happy dance.

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