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Birthday gift recommendation for a science loving 6 year old


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I am also hoping that I can order from Rainbow Resource, so if anyone can recommend any good science kits, projects etc I would most appreciate it. I am going to take my DS to attend his friend's science themed birthday party and the little boy specified that he loves science related gifts. Thanks in advance.

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Oops! I was thinking this was fro your son 9insect collecting).


For a gift, I might get a brine shrimp growing kit. You can find them under 'sea monkeys.' Cost around $10 and neat enough that friend's mother shouldn't mind.




Mini weather station. There are lots of brands.




I believe I've seen both of these at RR.


Leaving my ideas for own ds:


My dc had a great time making an insect collection. We got proper forceps, insect pins, killing jar, glass-topped display cases, etc from Home Science Tools. A Golden Guide insect book was sufficient. We also got butterfly pavilion, plus other habitats/insects to raise directly from Insect Lore (that's where ll the coupons go, I think).


I like the insect materials, because they made open-ended projects, rather than something that gets completed & finished.

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