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MM Grade 5 Answer Help


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Can someone please check the answer (yourself) to MM Grade 5B pg 107 problem #5D? I am not getting the same answer as the answer key and I'm wondering if I'm wrong and if so, why. (It's probably something basic if I'm wrong).


Parts A-C are correct and we use those for part D.


The problem- D. Use the calculations above to figure out what would be the total number of erasers that could fit into the box.


A- eraser is 1/8in thick, how many can be stacked in a 4in tall box?

Answer- 32


B- eraser is 1 3/8in long. The box is 6in long. How many fit lengthwise?

Answer- 4


C- eraser is 13/16in wide. The box is 5in wide. How many fit widthwise?

Answer- 6


Thank you.

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I would calculate it 32 x 6 x 4 as it is a volume problem. My answer is 768.



Thank you! I realize my problem now. I wrote it out correctly here, but wrote it incorrectly on my scratch paper! My DS had incorrectly used 5 instead of 4 the first time. He corrected it, but left the 5 sitting there on the page. I used the 5 he had written first instead of the correction which was to the side. I feel stupid! :blushing: I knew it was LxWxH, and I knew that DS had fixed all of his answers, and I kept coming up with 960, and I knew my multiplication was correct. It took seeing it here for me to realize I had copied the problem wrong.

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