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Canada Country Study - MS/HS Level??

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Can anyone point me in the direction of materials/texts/resources for a unit study of Canada for MS/HS level? I can find a few things that are youngish, but not much that is a little higher level. We are wanting to take a trip there possibly, and I need something that is not just geographical and flags in orientation, but throws in some general history and culture, maybe a little modern history, etc. Not looking for adult level books to read either.


Any thoughts?



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If you are looking for things from a historical view.

We are using Canada- a People's History. You can get the videos on youtube and there is a Teacher's Manual that I borrowed from the library.


If you are looking for more modern then I would tell you to start with season 4. The videos are really well done and everyone here from ages 10 to 72 are really enjoying them and learning a lot!

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Sorry, I somehow read you wanted upper elementary/middle school books.


What about Why I Hate Canadians, by Will Ferguson? Other books like that too. How to be a Canadian, etc. I'd also watch the documentary on Terry Fox.

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