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MFW ECC question...

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Hello :)


For those of you who have used ECC I would love to ask a few questions about it.


I have looked at the sample that MFW provides but it doesn't seem to be able to answer my questions.



Q: Does MFW in its daily format, provide more than just the verse daily?

Do they offer questions to ask the students?

Are there any student sheets with questions about the missions (Benge) books?


Or is it more focused on the geo/science aspects. The sample does not have anything else except just the verse. I can't seem to see any discussion questions. Is there more, if so, what is there?


We have used HOD this year and have enjoyed the good discussions and questions they have in their Bible Study/Storytime/History sections. It is just we would like to do a year of cultures and countries with a big focus on missions, but with handholding for me in regards to discussion questions.



Thanks heaps!

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Bible portion - in ECC,


the Matthew reading: parent led using any study Bible you wish so you read and discuss as led. The way I did it was have my kids look up verses and took turns reading together, then we prayed and I answered questions or made comments based on my thoughts. And I'd read the commentary notes in my Study Bible to them.


Hero Tales: questions are in the book itself.


Kingdom Tales - this is allegory with discussion questions written in the mfw edition.


Window on World - prayer needs are in the book. the story of the people group - read it and discuss whatever your children ask or whatever you want to. I didn't feel it needed pre written questions.


The read alouds Benge books... no.mfw doesn't have any. I never saw a need for student sheets for a read aloud. We read. I cried in parts.. "mommy are you happy or sad tears"... We talked about what was happening. narration.

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