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So...11yo dd is begging to start Algebra 1/Geometry (I'm still entering the lessons...should finish up here in a bit), and I'm trying to look for a way to "slow her down" without necessarily slowing her down, IYKWIM.


She's starting Foerster's Algebra along side TT Geometry. I'm not going to purchase number theory or Counting & Probability at the moment (not that I wouldn't...just not in the financial plan at this time)...but since there are videos for Counting & Probability and Alcumus has extra work in Counting and Probability, Number Theory, Algebra & Geometry...I'm toying with the idea of having her watch some number theory videos and play on Alcumus one of her six math sessions a week...thus drawing out her first pass at Algebra 1/Geometry -- hopefully through next June or July (this assumes 60 days off during the next 13 months, too). I don't think I can start looking at where to go after this Algebra 1/Geometry until we see how she does (she may slow down all on her own, too). She's just a different kid than my oldest...she'll read/do Fred for fun (and really DO it, vs. read the funny story and maybe get around to the Your Turn to Play parts) I have AoPS & LoF for Algebra and Geometry...



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My 8 yo just set himself a goal of starting algebra 1 when he is 10. He is flying through TT 5 and will soon be in TT 6. I just ordered LOF for him to use with TT for more challenge. I would be very interested in any responses you may get on this subject.

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