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Thinker's Cap Academy - Latin for Children A online


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I am using it and really like it. My son has a written motor speed of 5%, so he burst out in angry tears over LfC A when we tried it in book form last year. He loves Latin on the computer this year. They have a lot of dropdown boxes and you are given choices to select from, so it is probably a little easier than filling in a bunch of blank lines. Nonetheless, he is learning Latin in a gentle fashion. The program has been a little glitchy, but they have been working diligently to remedy them. The biggest issue I had with the programming has already been resolved. Does that help? I got in on the early bird special, and I hope they offer that rate again in the future!

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My son is using LFC A online and enjoying it. You have a choice every day for whether to view the information in as a video of the teacher talking to you as if to a class, or simply reading the textbook paragraphs on the computer. Sometimes there is an audio option for reading the text aloud. The vocaulary and grammar charts have an audio component so you can repeat after the speaker just like on a cd. The suggested schedule for each week tells you which parts to do each day, including a reminder to go to the Headventureland website to practice with games. We got the earlybird deal too, but LFC B was just released at a discount, so I don't think it will be heavily discounted next year. :( At this point, I'll pay the full price if needed next year as it is a painless way (so far) for us to learn Latin. :)

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