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Name the top two things in your schoolroom that you use DAILY


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Although I am using it mostly before schooling "officially" starts, I have to put a plug in for the Cue Cat I bought from Library Thing.


My kids bought me mine for Christmas...I love it!


I'd have to say pencil sharpener and coffee. But I'm a sucker for a three-ring-binder, I notebook constantly (me, not the kids), and I would go nuts without the internet. Seriously, why just read about the Lascaux caves when you can see them?

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Mine are:

#1 A voice recorder. My son records all memory work. He even reads aloud to the voice recorder so if he doesn't understand something he can listen to it again.


#2 My home library. I ordered the cue cat this week, so soon it will be even better.


#3 Graph paper for math.


#4 Dvd player, for math and latin.


#5 Lapbooks and mini offices, do they count?


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I just broke down and bought two more of these (and yes, they let me use my 20% educator discount on them :)):




So now each kid has one. We have a "school room" that is on the complete opposite end of the house from the wood stove (where it is warm and cozy), so no one ever wants to be in there (although I still love it for the bookcases).


I bought one of the lap desks thinking that one could use it on the sofa while the others used the coffee table or kitchen peninsula. But everyone fought over it, and even without a desk everyone wanted to be on the sofa or comfy chair and would end up writing on their lap sans desk. It has a large inside compartment to hold pencils and workbooks, but since no one "owned" it, it wasn't getting good use (but they kept putting their stuff in there instead of where it belonged, but it was a mish-mash of everyone's stuff together).


So now everyone can keep their own stuff in their own desk. No more hunting for pens/pencils and workbooks (because it has already proven that they will put stuff in the desk but not the other homes those things had).


I may still need to get a desk apprentice... for all the extra binders for outside classes and extra scissors, pens/pencils and my teacher books, and anything else that doesn't end up fitting in the lap desk. They each have folders this year that worked pretty well, actually, except that they keep falling over. If I get rid of those, I could put the desk apprentice in their place... :D

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1. the Tac-On Information strips you can get at Rainbow Resource. They are 6' long, 2" wide strips of double sided sticky stuff that you can cut into any size you need and they attach to any surface and are strong but DO NOT leave marks on the wall and can be removed and moved, etc. You can also change the things you hang on it and it stays sticky. I hang a long strip of it along one wall to hang drawings, etc., on. We use this stuff for everything. My dh even uses it to hold things down firmly onto his art desk so they don't slide around, etc. They are perfect for anchoring timelines to the wall, putting up wall maps, etc. It has not harmed anything I've used it on so far. LOVE this product!


2. Along the same lines, the little Wacky Tac round sticky stick-on pieces are great for hanging smaller things. (We call them "boogers" around here because they kind of look like.... well, you know! Dh will call out, "Has anyone seen the boogers? So funny!) They sell them at RR, or you can find them at Michael's, A.C. Moore, etc., in the scrapbook section, sometimes called Sticky Dots or some such thing. They don't leave marks on the walls or anything you attach them to, but they hold firmly.


Hope that helps someone!


Thanks! I've been looking for something that actually holds and will not cause damage. I just bought 3M Command strips from Target but holy moly expensive! I will return them and get this stuff instead.

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