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Could Use Some Prayers/Good Vibes for Binocular Vision Exam Tomorrow

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DS had amblyopia and wore an eye patch for a year in order to treat it. At his most recent appointment with the pediatric ophthalmologist she did a test to see how well his eyes worked together and he only scored 6/10. She shrugged it off when I asked her about it and expressed a very negative opinion about vision therapy (not a huge shock given the turf war between her profession and developmental optometrists). Anyways, I decided to get on the waiting list for a binocular vision eval at the U.C. Berkeley School of Optometry.


DS' eval is tomorrow and as I was filling out the paperwork this evening I asked him the questions on the checklist. He started getting all defensive and lied to me about "never" experiencing the various symptoms. He has complained about some of these symptoms and I was just trying to get a sense of how frequently they occur. I don't know what DS' problem was about answering the questions honestly, but I'm worried that he will stubbornly maintain that he "never" experiences them tomorrow when he sees the doctor.


He is a good reader but lacks stamina. I'm hoping that helping his eyes work better together will improve his reading stamina.

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Praying for you, Crimson Wife.


Maybe he was tired or nervous or just in a mood. Perhaps it will be better this morning. I've seen this thing happen when I've asked my dc questions at the wrong time, when they're not wanting to talk about it. Or, maybe he needs a little reassurance that everything will be okay, nothing will hurt, etc. My dd who had the major surgery will mention things to me, but when she knows I may see a doctor about it, she'll clam up.

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I think it is human nature not to want to "fail" a test. Even an eye test. Maybe tell him about my friend, who as a grown adult still "cheats" on her eye exams. She squints and strains to read lines on the chart. She knows this means she ends up with the wrong prescription for her glasses, but still does it every time. I always remind my son about this, and about how silly it is, before eye exams and medical stuff. It gets him and I on the same team, discussing how silly this third party is, and that makes it ok for him to be honest when asked questions/taking test, etc.

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