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x/p Supplementing VideoText Algebra

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My oldest is currently using VideoText Algebra. She is doing quite well. She understands the lessons and rarely misses any of the exeercises. Today she expressed a bit of frustration because there doesn't seem to be much review. Since she previously used CLE math, she is used to topics being constantly reviewed. Can anyone suggest anything that would go along with VideoText and offer the review she wants? Thanks!

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We just made a point of doing the Test A of the end-of-unit and cumulative tests more than once. Basically after 3-4 lessons in a unit, we'd start doing 1-2 problems a day in the Test A. Then, after we'd finish that - we'd usually have a week or two til the end of the unit - then we'd do th Test A again. .... Also, the website has extra problem sets for each lesson. There are 6-10 extra problems. Those would be extra review as well. My third daughter is finishing VT and this has worked well for us.


One other tip, we always did every Test A & Test B. But we did Test A open book and then only score Test B. That way, Test A served as a review of each concept.


Lisa J, mom to 5

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