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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

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Today so far I have dropped DS at daycare and gotten DD to her counseling appointment--half an hour late because she decided she needed to go to the bathroom right when it was time to walk out the door, and took 15 minutes in there, resulting in missing a bus.


Now I just need to get her home and get myself to campus in time for an exam at 1PM. Once that's over, I can pick up DS and chill for the rest of the day.

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I will, though I'm getting a late start. I need to make brunch since I'm too late for breakfast. Then I have tons of laundry to fold and put away, math to do with DS11, general cleaning, and there's been talk about going to the park.

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I am at the library. The house is trashed and dh will be p.o'd when he wakes up and sees it. Fortunately I got out of the house before that happened and since he's meeting a friend in the afternoon, we'll have some time after the library to do some damage control. We managed to find all the library books even though there just might have been a fight in the process. Finding library books is stressful when your house is trashed. Then the library check in machine was spitting out half of the books back at me saying they were "unable to be identified". When you have a suitcase full of books to return, this is annoying. OK - I got that off of my chest. Now I'm going to tackle the grading. As if that will improve my mood. . . .

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2:20 pm report -


Grading done

A.M. school at the library is done.

Grocery shopping is done.

Lunch has been eaten.

House is clean and tidy and you all are welcome to drop on by! (It looks lived in still and we'll probably have to move a couple of things in order for you to sit down but that qualifies as company ready around here.)


Dd and I are now going to the produce stand/ nursery.

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We did school, had swimming, and watched some little house just for fun.


I've returned about 7 phone calls, sent about 15 emails and ran the dishwasher.


Next up:

Folding laundry

Vacuuming the living room

Clearing off the table



Going out as a family to celebrate our 9th anniversary!

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Cleaned the master bathroom, vacuumed the master bedroom, salted the master bedroom carpet (flea control), swept part of the wood floor, swept the main bathroom floor, made DS clean the main bathroom, and attempted to fill out health form for DS's boy scouts. The latter requires information I don't have and will have to wait until I can call on doctors and hunt it down.

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Didn't get to vacuuming, but got everything else done.


7 yo folded & put away a whole load of laundry on his OWN while I showered for our night out! He's been helpful before but this was his first solo flight and it was a revelation to me! I paid him a dollar, which he traded for two fancy beads I had from a broken necklace. Such a deal!


We had a great anniversary night. Dinner at a BBQ place on their patio, playing at a park, then Krispy Kreme and just got home 2 hours past their bedtime. They're already out cold. Mission accomplished!

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