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Which science: Physics or Biology?

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So my ds will be in 12th grade next year. We will probably dual enroll him at the local community college as it is a good one... and my dd will be there also. She dual enrolled this year. He can take up to 3 classes; these will probably be: pre-calc, English, science.


For high school he has taken: Physical Science, Honors Biology, & Honors Chemistry. For math he will have gone through Algebra 2 and Geometry. He is interested in majoring in Engineering at this point... probably structural or mechanical.


Thus with an eye toward Engineering... should he take high school Physics (ie without calc) which I do think they offer or start the college science sequence with ?college Biology?

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If he is interested in Engineering, he should take physics!

As an engineering major, he will be required to take at least two semesters of calculus based physics in college (more if he goes into electrical or nuclear), and this would give him a good preparation.

He will probably not have to take any biology in college, unless he goes into bioengineering. If he had honors bio in high school, I see not much benefit from taking bio.

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Looking up Physics options here, he can take it at our CC or he can take it with the Potters School.

NOVA CC offers two physics classes: General College Physics or General University Physics ... since he will first be taking Pre-calc, he will need to take the General College Physics and probably the other one later.

The Potters School offers a high school physics class that uses: Principles and Problems, by Paul W. Zitzewitz I think the Potters school classes are all online..?? ..


Do you think it matters which one?

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I do not know the Zitzewitz text. What text is the CC using? I would decide based on how my student learns: would he thrive with a presence class, or would he do better with an online one? (For my DD, an in seat class would be the only way to go; online would do nothing for her and she'd much rather just self teach from the textbook.)

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