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is there some sort of accountability group?


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I need a serious kick in my pants. I know that I should just be a grown-up and do what needs to be done around here but it's just not happening. I grow so weary of the non-stop urging my children to help, the follow-ups, and trying to keep up. But I'm sinking further and further into mess and disorganization. It's really just picking up and putting away and making the house look sort of tidy and working on some organization (ie make sure everything has a home and if it doesn't, it's out of here). I start and feel overwhelmed and then quit.


I've tried all kinds of cleaning plans/routines but they don't really help because they aren't asking me if I actually got it done and they are generally way too overwhelming. DH is too sweet to complain and keep me accountable and thinks I do enough. And all my IRL friends are perfect (LOL! I know that's not true! but it seems that way!)


I've hired in some help, too. And I don't want to waste that and use that time wisely to really get some organizing projects knocked out. But I'm the ultimate time waster.


Ideas? Groups I could join? Hire a drill sergeant to come in and yell at me periodically?

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You know, you could put a positive spin on it. Instead of a kick in the pants thread, it might be more enjoyable to have a boast thread.


My brother, not-SIL and I have a stupid running joke where we boast on each other's facebook wall about what we have accomplished in a day. I'm usually sleep deprived because I'm a mum, he's usually sleep deprived because he works shift work and she is usually sleep deprived because she's been out with her mates or pulled all nighters to finish uni work. Having one of the others post "WINNER!!!!!!!" because we opened the curtains really helps morale. :lol:

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I am right there with you. My DH and real life friends are too nice. I NEED that butt kicking.


I do like Rosie's boast idea. Perhaps we could start an accountability/boasting social group here? Or a weekly thread like the book-a-week, and financial accountability threads. The Butt Kicking Boast thread. :)


This week's can be right here. I'll go:


Boast: I actually did my workout this morning - now it's not hanging over my head for the day.


Butt Kick Required:


School isn't done.

Dishes need to be washed.


I'll come back later to boast about my accomplishments...hopefully.

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