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Need a good substitute for lentils - drawing a blank


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Perhaps bulgur wheat or barley might work for you? Maybe quinoa? But that reminds me more of couscous since it's a small grain.


My dc don't like lentils but will eat black beans or red beans (not kidney beans, though). Are those ok? What about field peas? They're kind of like black-eyed peas taste and texture-wise.

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Cinder, we do eat a lot of black beans and red beans. I've never tried field peas though, and that sounds like a different idea. Thanks!


Zoobie, I'll have to look for tiny garbanzos - and I don't think I've seen split garbanzos in a long time, now that I think of it. Will have to check around.


I just miss some of the lentil dishes we used to enjoy... trying to find a substitute for that particular texture/taste is harder than one would think!


These are all great ideas - thanks!

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