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ACT Science - April test

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Usually the science subscore is my boys' worst score. It's never terrible, but usually is the lowest or one of the lowest. Imagine our surprise when the April scores came back and ds (junior) scored a 31! It was his high score (others were 28, 29, 29). I asked him about it and he said it was super easy this time around. Did your students find it easy this time? I wonder how much to credit his concurrent biology course with his improvement. I believe he scored a 24 or 25 last December.

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Guest rebamuses

We got my son's scores yesterday...science was also his lowest (it's our first time taking ACT, he is also a junior). He says he understands the problems, he just finds it difficult to work quickly. He received a 24 (25...I can't remember) in science, but his overall score was 29 since he did well in the other catagories. I'm not sure I'll make him take it again....29 seems high enough to get into the schools of his choice. Do you think you'll have your son take again? It sounds like he did really well!

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