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Psychology Text Recommendations, please?

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DS17 is headed back to homeschool in the fall for his senior year. We have most of his coursework figured out - Calc BC, English Composition, German 4, some science thing (he has finished the main 3 Bio/Chem/Physics and just needs to pick something for senior year that sounds interesting).


But he needs 1 more year of Social Studies. He has to do US Government (required) and we have that figured out. He thinks he might like Psychology. He is a text-book kind of kid, definitely. Vidoes and a workbook would probably be OK too.


Any text-book recommendations? It could be freshman college level or high school.

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I've been reading previous threads and doing a lot of research for Psychology next year.

So far I've narrowed my choices down to these two text books (both of which I think look rather engaging for a textbook):

Psychology Around Us

Psychology in Action


With quarterly readings of:

Your Brain: A User's Guide

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

The User's Guide to the Human Mind



This is really a hard subject to narrow down!!!!

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