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Help me get daughter off her ipad - kindly.


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Before her stomach issues, her screen was never an issue - she had so much to occupy her time. She loved being outside riding her bike with her best friend (neighborhood girl), walking the subdivision, playing with friends in the yard; she had ballet to go to, school work, family to go visit, etc.


Now, though, the screen is becoming an issue. Thing is, I want to approach it kindly. I do sincerely understand that she is so very limited in what she can do now that she's bored out of her skull. The good news is that my girl who has always hated reading IS now reading - but always on her ipad (along with watching movies on it, playing games, etc), but it's the first time she's ever willingly read. The problem? I'm talking 10+ hours a day she's attached to it reading, watching, or playing.


Her best friend appears to have ditched her. I guess she isn't much fun now (sarcasm; I need to extend more grace here, but it's a work in progress - I'm not there yet). She had to drop ballet and co-op (if you read my other post). She isn't sad about it, but she is increasingly frustrated at her "stupid stomach" and the trouble it's caused her.


How do I (kindly and gently) impose new rules for the ipad? Before this came up, she spent maybe an hour a day on it... not it's just out of control. I need ideas, too, of calm things she can do (other than the ipad) when her stomach is acting up (although when it is bothering her, she really doesn't come out of the bathroom but to lay in bed), and fun things she can do by herself (sans other kids, since she has no real friends as of now) when her stomach ISN'T bothering her. There's too much of an age gap between her and her brothers for them to really "play" together. She is enrolled in a great all day, once a week, co-op this upcoming fall and we are going to register her for a one week summer camp this summer (and she wants to go back to ballet this fall too), but it's going to be a long few months.


ETA: She's also getting increasingly snappier with everyone, although I'm told that has to do with her age, I don't also doubt that it's the frustration talking.

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I don't know what your daughter's stomach issues are, but I hope she feels better soon.


This is how I get my daughter (7 yo) away from all the electronics and videos: She has learned to knit, crochet, needlepoint, cross stitch, paint. Next is teaching sewing. We're going to pick a pattern together this week. She practices her piano lesson an hour a day on her own.


Could you teach her a craft or take her to a crafty establishment to learn? These will stay with her for a lifetime.

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Those are great ideas.

I do know how to crochet and dd does enjoy painting.

My husband is proficient on most instruments (his father is a private music teacher) and *could* teach her - in theory, lol (admittedly he isn't the best teacher for the under college crowd; things come so easily to him that he gets frustrated if the child he's teaching doesn't "pick it up", lol).

I could, however, see if Pop Pop (grandfather) could do a lesson via Skype!

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