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adult vs. homeschool Rosetta Stone? for Latin American Spanish

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I myself am interested in learning language. I thought of something that would be exotic for me, maybe with a different alphabet, but have now decided I would like to try Latin American Spanish, since I know a bit already and it would be helpful I think. I tried online samples of a few different things, could not really be sure, but decided that maybe I was having best retention from Rosetta Stone. I would like my son to be able to use the same program if he wants to. But right now he does not seem to want to.


What is different between the adult and homeschool versions of Rosetta Stone? Would it be better to get the adult version for myself and let him use it someday if he wants? Or would the homeschool version work for an adult to learn well and be more appropriate if a child (he's 11) decided to try it too? The website has something about the adult version not being for people under the age of 13, but does not say why not. And I cannot see a good sample of the child/homeschool version.

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The ONLY difference in the two is how you set it up. They are the exact same program and is practical from age 5 to adults. The homeschool edition allows you to "enroll" 10 students instead of just 5 and track their progress as a teacher with reports, instead of self-tracking progress per user. If you got the regular edition, you would have to log in to your son's user to see his progress. With the homeschool edition, you can log in as yourself and view a report of all the students using the course.


We have the homeschool edition German. My 6 year old easily uses it, as do I. I'm in level 5, he's in level 1. My other two students don't progress as quickly, but it is not the fault of the program. ;-) I can log in and look at all of their progress and "grades."


For each user, in either edition, you can choose how they study the language. I study listening, speaking, reading and writing, while my 6 year old only does listening, speaking and reading. Each student's path is customizable within the same program.


Edit: I'm not sure I was specific enough. There is not an "adult" version versus another version. There is "personal" and "homeschool." They are the same program, same lessons, same opportunities to customize how you want to learn the language. The homeschool edition only gets you reports on progress AND rights for additional users (5 more than the other edition).

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I'm not sure about your question, but I thought I would put a plug out there for DuoLingo. It is very well-done and very like Rosetta Stone. And it is free. Do a search for DuoLingo on the forum and you'll find some threads discussing it.



I'll second Duolingo as a starting point. My 12 yo and I are both using it and quite happy with it. We own TellMeMore Spanish (paid a good bit for it), but I like Duolingo better as a way to start. It's easy to access (we do it on the computer and on our iphone/ipods) and very convenient. They've introduced an offline option, but I'm not sure how that works. www.duolingo.com

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