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Latin after LC1 for 3rd grader??


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My 2nd grade son, age 8, is finishing up Latina Christiana I, and I'm not sure what he should do for Latin next year. His older sisters are working through First Form, and I think it might be a bit much for him as a 3rd grader next year. But, I don't really want him to just take a year off and then forget all the Latin he's learned this year.


What would you do?


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Memoria Press also publishes LCII, though it's hard to find on their website since FF is meant to replace it. It's a continuation of LCI, and he could probably move smoothly into it having just finished that book. You might even slow it down to take two years, because I believe I read on their website that there is a "bridge" unit to go from LCII to Second Form. If he's not ready for that after LCII, then First Form would be a piece of cake.

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