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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning everyone! It's Monday again!


Clean kitchen



School specials:

Week preview with ds

Dd - history? I was supposed to work stuff out on the weekend and ran out of time. There is never enough time. . . .



Financial stuff

Call Mom and Dad

College stuff

Gardening? I'm not going to the Y tonight so if it stops raining I hope I can get in some yard work in the evening.


Ds just reminded me: Need to drive 40 min. one way this afternoon so that ds can do a 5 min. computer repair on FILs computer since he was not able to understand the instructions over the phone.

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11 am check in:


Kitchen is clean and dishwasher is running.

Tried to call my parents but they are out.

Finally found the file I've been looking for with my lesson plans for dd's history - I lost it at the beginning of the school year. The good news is that I had actually recreated most of what I had already planned to do with dd. The even better news is that I don't have to keep wracking my brain to try and remember what book we were going to read next.

Did Feldenkrais therapeutic movement. I'm trying to do 10 min. a day.

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I'll join in today if I can. It's Tuesday at 6.40am.


I need to:

Clean up the kitchen

Make muesli

Get some baking done

Tidy the cupboard and shelves and toys in the dining room

Fold washing

Hang other washing


Do school with DD1

Library, Immunisations for DS2, bank

Lunch for the blossoms

Sort out dinner

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Done today:


DD schoolwork with me (all she has left is independent work)

DD's to do list for Wednesday (all independent work because I have a final exam)

Breakfast and Lunch



DS nap



Study some more...


ETA: I woke up this morning stuffy with a bit of sore throat. I'm hoping it's just allergies--they smudged with sage at the ritual last night--but I'm on an antihistamine so it shouldn't have bothered me that much.


I really need to wait until next Tuesday to get sick...AFTER my last final exam!

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Ravin - I hope that you don't get sick. Have you ever taken oscillo? I would do that.


Errands done:



ILs - ds was able to fix the t.v. and DVD but not the internet or phone because that was the company's fault.

Was able to do some business for the ILs here at our house.

Called my parents and talked to my mom.

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