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GCF (Goodwill stores) sometimes you make a great find!

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I was at goodwill yesterday with both dds. I just let everyone go theri own way and look at whatever they want. Middle dd was looking for denim shorts. Older dd was looking for a church skirt. I was looking for a knee length denim skirt. No one found what we went there for, but I Found an awesome bargain! A Lord and Taylor sweater. The girls don't like it, but it's so me!


For those who have never been into Lord and Taylor, let me tell you a story. We had one. I went in there like once and discovered the prices were way to high! But then it went out of business. At 80% off, I went into the store with my mother. At 80% she still wouldn't pay for an outfit for her sister. Each piece must have still been over $40-50. At 80% off!


So back to my sweater. I don't know how much it was originally, but I paid a scant $4.50!

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Thrift stores require a bit of digging but they can be gold minds.


When my 12dd was a baby I found a crib tent NEW, in the box for $1 at Salvation Army. The price tag on it was $99.99.


Our local thrift store as almost all clothing for $1 with 1/2 price sales on 1 type each month. This month it is shorts and swimsuits that are 1/2 off. I picked up several brand new looking Speedo swimsuits for the girls to wear next year.


For nice, dressier clothes, I will go to Goodwill and pay $4.99 or so for an item but for our barn clothes we still with Love, Inc. and their 50 cent -$1 stuff.

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Most of my wardrobe over the past year has come from goodwill. I've been losing weight and cannot afford to buy new jeans every couple of months. I hit them every other Friday when they are half price and have gotten some GREAT, STYLISH jeans for $3.50. And they look new.

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