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Dive Biology with Bju text. Labs?

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Lab science credit should be hands on right? Not just watching and filling out lab sheets?


1. Landry Lab intensive the following fall bc I want the discount, but I have read so so reviews.

2. Advanced dissection kit frkm Home Science tools, $60

3. Dive Bio kit Home Science tools, $200s, more than I would like to spend butincludes microscope. I would probably buy extra slides. My skn could use it also in a couple years with some refills.

Which would you choose?

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The thing I don't like about DIVE labs is that there are no written instructions. He acts like you could just follow along and do your own experiment at home, but in reality I think that would be pretty difficult without some written instructions to follow along with. And he gives very brief instructions about how he does calculations and analysis. Unless you already understood what he was doing, I think it would be very frustrating. Also, as far as the DIVE bio kit goes, it didn't seem like it included materials for very many of the experiments, other than the dissections. Look at the list carefully!


I am just finishing up teaching biology in our small co-op this year. Our original plan was to use DIVE with BJU as the text, and we did a lot of labs from Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments. His instructions are very good and clear, so that might be an option. you can read through and figure out which experiments go with which biology section. Actually, I think Mr. Thompson has a list somewhere that correlates his experiments with the BJU text. Hmmm . . . where was that?


We actually decided last summer (right after I finished buying all the lab equipment for the IGHBE experiments!) that we would try to prepare for the AP exam, so we did watch and work through a lot of the DIVE labs (because a lot of them worked for the old AP exam format, and we discussed how the new labs would differ), and we dry-labbed most of the other AP labs as well. Definitely not the recommended way to do things, but I didn't have a budget left, and the AP labs are sooooo expensive!! And I didn't get my syllabus approved or anything, so it's not technically an AP class, so I'm just not going to feel guilty, LOL.

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