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Has anyone taken PAHomeschoolers AP Studio Art drawing course?

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My dd, who is a junior this year, is desperately working to finish the drawings as the deadline draws near to send it all in! She has spent a ton of time on this class, but I think it has been a great experience. We have very few options for art instruction in the area in which we live, so this class has been especially good for providing helpful feedback on her work. Among other things, she has learned how to do ink washing and how to set up a composition. She is building a good portfolio, which I don't think she could have done on her own, and I think the class has given her a small taste of what an art major in college will look like. The class is not for the faint of heart -- I think 3 of the original 11 students dropped out. Everything in the class is done in black/white acrylics, brown/black/blue ink, black sharpie, graphite, and charcoal (i.e., no color!).


If you have any specific questions, let me know!



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I'm listening in - my son would probably benefit from this class as well. He needs help building a portfolio for college admission.


It's interesting that they are doing everything in dark colors, as that is certainly not a requirement of the portfolio submission. Is this her choice or the course instructor's choice?


This is what the college board site says:

The Drawing Portfolio is intended to address a very broad interpretation of drawing issues and media. Line quality, light and shade, rendering of form, composition, surface manipulation, the illusion of depth and mark-making are drawing issues that can be addressed through a variety of means, which could include painting, printmaking, mixed media, etc. Abstract and observational works may demonstrate drawing competence. The range of marks used to make drawings, the arrangement of those marks, and the materials used to make the marks are endless. There is no preferred (or unacceptable) style or content.

Any work submitted in the Drawing Portfolio that incorporates digital or photographic processes must address issues such as those listed above. Using computer programs merely to manipulate photographs through filters, adjustments or special effects is not appropriate for the Drawing Portfolio.

Also, when you look at this section of the site and go to the sample portfolios, there are many samples that employ color and a wide variety of materials.

I'm not sure my son could stand to not use color in his work all year.

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The instructors chose the mediums to be used. They feel that color becomes another parameter that the students would have to master and don't believe most (all?) students are ready for that. Having said that, for the concentration pieces, a couple of the students did incorporate some color into their pieces. You are correct, though, that the limiting of colors is not required for AP Drawing.

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