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American Revolution Resources/Activities for 5th Grader

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http://americanhistory.mrdonn.org/revolution.html (links to all things revolutionary war)

http://www.historyanimated.com/newhistoryanimated/ (animated battles)


- Too Late To Apologize by Soomo. Absolutely awesome song!


- Horrible Histories American overview (not horribly accurate, though)



If your library has these, they'd be great, too:


You Wouldn't Want To Be (In the Revolutionary War, A Colonist....)

My Name Is America

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I'm planning to study the American Revolution with my 4th grader next year and I've been gathering a ton of web links, resources, etc. Anyone know how to pull out a list of bookmarks in Chrome to enter here?


I don't, but I wish I did. I'd love to see what you have found.


Seconding the recommendations for Liberty's Kids and Homeschool In the Woods. Both are amazing. In addition, I have a Early Modern pinterest page that may help you, Jen.

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