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Guest College Major Guide

Hey everyone,


I'm writing to tell you about a new college degree guide that I'm currently working on to help prepare high school students for the next step in their lives. My inspiration to write the guide came after seeing first hand how many students get to college without a good idea of what they'd like to do or working towards a degree in a major they don't know enough about.


Too many students ultimately end up switching their major or graduating with a degree in a field they don't enjoy. These instances can and should be avoided if the students and their parents know of every possibility and really take the time to think about where they'd like to see themselves down the road. Choosing a major and a career is one of the most important decisions one will make and we can do a better job to help them make the right decision.


When I went off to college to major in journalism I believed I had everything planned out. After two years of schooling and thousands of dollars spent, I began to doubt the choice I'd made. However, with how much I'd already invested I ultimately stuck with my major and graduated with a broadcast journalism degree. After graduation I landed a job across the country at a television station in Texas. Working thousands of miles away from home and for little money wasn't how I envisioned my life. Only now, I felt it was too late to change course, I was stuck! If I had known about every option in greater detail my decision as an 18 year old kid would have definitely been different.


So that's why my goal with this guide is to help others avoid the same mistake that myself and so many other students make. When it comes to your life there's no such thing as being too prepared and together I believe we can make a positive impact on the future of students after they step out of high school and into the real world.


I've gathered information on every college degree and what type of career a student can attain with it. This guide will be ready by the beginning of next school year to help students make the right decision on their future college major and career path.


If anyone has any suggestions about anything they wish they knew about while helping their child decide on a college major or is interested in talking more about this or learning about the guide, you can email me at kyleschimming@gmail.com.



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