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Favorite Crockpot Recipes


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I have a competitive club swimmer ( training at the highest level) and we are out of the house daily from 215-800 or 830pm M-F. Since we live 30 miles south of the training facility, I do not have the option of dropping off/picking up so I stay at the pool during swim training.


I am in desperate need of more crockpot ideas to add to my list.


Please provide me with your favorites.



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This is a favorite because it is so simple and always tastes delicious.


In your slow cooker, mix a bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce with one cup Coke. Add chicken. (We usually use boneless breasts, but you can use anything, and really, as little or as much as you want. I think the original recipe called for 3 pounds but I just add what I have, which might only be 4 chicken breasts. Often I'll cut the breasts in half or even thirds.)


Top with a sliced lemon, and if you want -- a sliced onion.


I always start it out on high just to get it started, and then turn it down to low if I plan to cook it over a long period.


Serve over rice.

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