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If homeschooling mom has LD...

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And struggled to be an average student her entire life and never really actually learned but only memorized for test taking. What would you recommend her to use as curriculum for her on children? She thinks her children have the same issues and is really afraid she would be doing them a disservice by homeschooling them. She doesnt feel equipped. (do any of us?). I gave her my best advice but thought you all would be a wealth of knowledge! Specifically she asked about what curriculum would give them the best education possible without her having much knowledge and/or teaching ability. She has 2nd grader and a 5th grader.

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Sounds like a good time to remediate her own situation and model that for her children. I think whatever curriculum she feels she can now learn from, rather than just do what she did before, would be good ones to start with. It could be very positive and growing for all of them. If she knows what her specific LD areas are, then that might help steer to curricula that tend to work well for that LD--and if the children have the same ones that could be good for them too. If the specifics are not known, testing could help.

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I think it depends upon the nature of the mom's LD. A friend of mine is dyslexic, completed college through sheer determination/hard work, and taught in an elementary classroom. She now successfully home schools her two high school aged, dyslexic daughters.


Another friend has ADHD and is extremely sweet but stressed out. She's a college grad, former elementary private school teacher, highly opposed to public school, and works with her ADHD/dyscalculiac boy. She loves him very much but seems very unhappy. I encourage her as much as possible to persevere because the nearby ps school is truly horrid. When SNs kids are young, mom the "teacher" and child the "student" can over personalize the learning issues and frustration levels take on a whole new dimension. Perhaps that component isn't restricted to families with LDs.


If the mom has full support of her husband and seeks helps and/or hires tutors where necessary, why not at least try for a year?

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