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Oh, the things ds7 says...

Lisa in SC

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Dh and I were relaxing, and ds7 was zooming his cars around all over the place. Ds suddenly stops playing, looks up at us and casually says, "Um, Mama? Daddy? I was just wondering....ummm.....could I be euthanized tomorrow?"


Dh and I exchange amused yet concerned glances, and I ask, "What did you say?" You know, just in case I completely heard wrong or something. He sweetly repeats, "I asked if I could be euthanized tomorrow?"


What on earth?? So, I say, "I think you're using the wrong word. Why don't you tell me what it is you want to do, and I'll help you find the correct word."


He's ok with this, and says, "Ok. You know. I want to go to the church, and I want to get into the water. I want to get euthanized."


Holding back laughter, I very calmly correct the word. "Baptize, N. You mean you want to be baptized."


Oh my goodness, this child of mine. LOL.


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