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MUS vs. Teaching Textbooks


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We've been using MUS for a few years now with my oldest, and she really likes it. I had hoped to use it with my younger DD, age 6, but she's complaining that it's boring. I had been thinking about switching over to Teaching Texbooks for both girls, and wondered how it compares to MUS in scope, ease of use, etc.



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It doesn't really compare very well since they are very different programs. MUS is a mastery program which focuses on one skill per year really in depth. TT touches on a little bit of everything every year.. going a little farther with it each time.


As far as teacher time required by each.. it really depends on your dc. Both are independent for my dd, who is just finishing up MUS Delta and TT4.


And I don't know if you knew but the lowest grade that TT has out currently is 3.


Good luck!

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Guest Celticdragon

I used teaching textbooks for my oldest daughter. She had been in public school and they had her entering algebra. However, it was apparent that she didn't have the skills needed. I decided to buy the T.T. pre-alg. It was WAY too easy and nowhere near what I expected or needed. I looked into MUS, but it also looked too weak. Both looked like programs that a struggling learner in math would favor. However, I am not sure that it would be good for them in the long run. But that is just my humble opinion.


We use Singapore math and math mammoth. Plus, supplement with manipulatives, math games, flashcards, math websites, and much more.

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They are super duper different types of math programs.



I would say MUS is not very visual at all. It does have the blocks, but I think most people end up not using them daily and just pull them out when necessary to demonstrate a concept. The pages are very black & white, zero frills. Whereas, Teaching Textbooks is the opposite. Of course, it's on the computer (at least most people use the CD-Roms, though you could just use the book which would be totally different). It's very visual in that you watch a lecture being explained. You don't see the man speaking, but you hear the audio and the problems & text pop up as he's talking. It's very interactive even during the lecture, since they have the child answer some questions during the lecture to make sure they're following. There are some sounds for every problem "Sorry, that's not right." or "Great job! You got it!" There is also a little "buddy" icon at the top left of the screen that does something special for every problem they get right (the penguin melts out of the ice block a wee bit more every time a problem is answered correctly). So, MUS and TT are super different there.


Mastery vs. Spiral:

MUS is mastery-to-the-max. You do the same concept for a week straight (or longer if necessary) until the child gets it. Then you move on. If they definitely understand it sooner, you can move on then as well. MUS follows a strict logical order -not time, then multiplication facts, then money to mix it up. If it is time to learn to skip count, you skip count by 2 one week, by 3 the next, 4 the next, 5 the next, literally every single week through 9 (or was it 12?). Same exact method pretty much, different numbers to skip count by. Again, TT is the opposite. It tries to keep things interesting by doing time, then long multiplication, then money, etc (I made that up as a pretend example, though). There is constant review instead of a cumulative review at the end of a section or chapter. To make sure they don't move on without understanding a concept and get further and further behind, I don't let my kids move to the next lesson unless they get at least 90% on each lesson.



Hope that helps. They are both good in their own ways, but very different.

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