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Help dd (re)find this book: Unicorn, girl, hunting party, ...


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DD set me a task weeks ago & I have been unable to accomplish it.


(Slave) girl lays out a feast for a hunting party (includes the Local Lord?). She falls asleep & when she wakes up, there is a unicorn beside her. She sees the son of the Lord, who tries to shoot the unicorn. The unicorn "runs him through" but it doesn't hurt him - on the contrary, it makes him a "good boy" again. The son tells the girl & unicorn to run away & that when he's in charge, he'll send for them.


Anyone recognize the book & have a title, author, link?

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A-HA! After almost a year of searching, I figured it out!


The Eyes of the Unicorn by Teresa Bateman


The hunt for the unicorn is under way, for the Duke and his men are greedy for its magical horn. As the nobles ride off on their fine steeds, Tanisa, the exhausted serving girl, finally has a chance to rest. She awakens to two astonishing sights: a pure white unicorn resting his head in her lap and the Duke s son, whose arrow is poised to slay the beast. But the unicorn s eyes possess great powers. If the Duke s son dares to gaze into them, nearly anything could happen.


The library's copy was lost, which was why we never could find it again. I just ordered one from Amazon. DD will be so excited to see/read it again. I hope it is just as good as she remembers. 

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