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Campus Tour - Johnson and Wales, Charlotte.


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I took middle child down to visit the Charlotte campus of Johnson and Wales today. I am so tired of being in the car! It's only 3 hours but down and back in one day is a bit.


Anyway - small campus. Entirely contained on about 3 blocks. One academic building. 3 dorms. Library and bookstore, admin building and I think that was it. I was worried with this dd about it being in the big city, but I think she will be fine. It's a small school and I think that's the important part. Classes will not be larger than 40 on the academic side. Her cooking classes may go up to 20. Lots of practical work for her.


They are in trimesters. 11 weeks each. They call it an upside down approach to gen ed requirements. Your first term there you have 2 classes in your major and 2 gen eds. Culinary students alternate a term of cooking classes and then a term of gen eds. The cooking classes are on class at a time - 6 hours a day for 9 days. 8 days of teaching and then a one day practicum. You take 5 of those a term.


You have to do a 3 month internship. Study abroad is optional.


Dorms are, well dorms. All suites. The tour guide was going on about how big they are, I didn't think so. (I've seen rooms at NCSU, UNC and App State.) There is only one meal plan - 15 meals a week and it is included in your board fee. You have to live on campus your first 2 years unless you live within 50 miles of campus. Small campus center.


They requie ACT or SAT for homeschoolers only. Others may turn it in if they think it helps them look better. 21 on ACT. APs and dual enrollment should transfer.


Pretty school. Modern looking buildings. Like I said I think it would be a good fit for dd.

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