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Well, I'm back...

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I think my last post was last summer when I found out I was having twins. They are here, 4.5 months old and as sweet as can be! We were blessed with very, very good babies. I ended up having a c section at 37 weeks due to 2 very stubbornly breech babies. We are just now getting back into school with my Kindergartner, and I'm feeling like the haze of exhaustion is beginning to thin. Missed you guys, and love the new board look!



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Could they be any cuter?!?!!!


My 5 guys are 6 years apart. I didn't realize how insane it was until the baby turned about 4. I wish I would've been kinder to myself and not expected so much, and I wish would've relaxed a little and enjoyed the ride more.


Enjoy all your babies!

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Thank you all! And thanks JudoMom for the advice. I do tend to have impossibly high expectations. The twins have taught me one lesson: focus on what is important. I have cut down to the essentials in all areas of our lives. I think. Now if I could only learn to say no... :)

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